Smoothest Riding Boats Seattle

"Tern Boats was born with the Goal of building the Best Built and Best Riding Offshore Trailerable Boats in the World"

Today, Tern Boats has fulfilled its vision by creating several boat styles that have the quality and comfort of more expensive boat but with a Far Superior ride.
After extensive and continuous on-water testing in some of the most roughest challenging ocean conditions including our regular test site (also one of the roughest waterways in the world) – Hawaii’s Molokai channel, we have created the boats with a ride that will amaze you.
With our combined boating industry experience and boat building expertise, Tern Boats can confidently offer you a superior product and dependable and exciting experiences on the water. Our boats unique hull designs combined with the best materials and construction processes create superior strength combined with a smooth ride that you would be expected only from much larger boats.


Smoothest Riding Boats Hawaii As boat builders, our history and experiences in the boating industry span over 40 years and are steeped in the familiar knowledge of our home waters, ranging from the Hawaiian Islands to the Pacific Northwest.

These boats are not only built with safety in mind, they have been manufactured to handle some of the roughest wave and wind conditions you will experience. This understanding has instilled the necessary designs to provide the essential security for professional divers, deep sea fisherman and ocean professionals. Tern Boats also encompass the comfort and ease recreational boaters expect.

Washington State – the premier boat manufacturing mecca and home to Tern Boats

Washington State’s maritime roots stretch back generations and Tern Boats is proud to be part of this pioneering effort. Over the last several decades innovation has been a hallmark of Washington’s manufacturing sectors. The marine and aerospace industries have been collaborating to lead in the use of composites and advanced manufacturing techniques in the construction of boats and aircraft.

Our roots in Washington State stem from a long tradition of Commercial boat building. Our focus, dedication and manufacturing expertise to build our boats in Washington could not be a more perfect fit for Tern Boats.