Tern Boats are built by a team of boat builders with decades of experience and a passion for building quality commercial and recreational boats. Our design and manufacturing experts apply their insight, creativity and the latest lean-manufacturing methods to meet the needs and dreams of boaters and with the highest expectations for their boats.

Every Tern Boat design starts with Test Plugs and Deck Mock Ups assuring the most superior ride with complete functionality for the Fisherman, Diver and Offshore Interisland Cruiser. We then source some of the best Reinforcement materials including Saertex Fabrics, which are Distinguished by their stretched fibers inside the individual layers, which optimally absorb mechanical forces such as pressure and tension, together with Multiaxial stitch bonded 24 oz woven roving to handle surface loads and layer combinations that allow various mechanical resistances. High Density Divinycell HCP Core cross linked polymer foam with closed cells, provide high strength and buoyancy performance due to it's unique material formulation. As a result of it's excellent hydraulic compressive properties and closed cell structure, it has very low buoyancy loss under long term loading conditions.

The building process begins in the factory lay-up area where hulls, stringer and bulkhead grid systems, deck assemblies and other fiberglass components are produced using these state-of-the-art materials and fabrication techniques. After the Tern Boat stringer and bulkhead system is fitted into the hulls, the tops of the tunnel hull and bulkheads are securely bonded to the deck for a unitized deck. This dedication to structural integrity is important so you can comfortably navigate rougher seas at higher speeds than conventional monohull designs. It then moves through each stage of production until the finished boat is ready for final inspection and preparation for shipment. This system puts each step of the process in the hands of specialists trained specifically for the tasks they perform. Along the way, quality control is closely monitored on each boat's progress, performing a long list of analytical inspections. Every boat must be approved at each stage of production before moving to the next. Only after passing a final inspection is it shrink-wrapped and readied for delivery.

It's a painstaking process because, in the end, our reputation rides with every boat we build.

Construction-Tern Boat Tough

smoothest riding boats hawaiiSmoothest riding boats seattle Tern Boats are known for their structural integrity, reliability and Total Value. That is what has made Tern Cat the most sought after Trailerable catamaran brand in the Hawaiian Islands. Tern Boats are rapidly building a reputation as tough, simple, safe and by far the best riding Offshore boats for the tumultuous seas surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. That reputation is earned through its unique wave slicing hull design, unitized structural grid and high-quality materials built by some of the most experienced boat builders.


Tern Boats applies Rev Chem, thixotropic, pre-promoted resin specifically designed for use in the manufacturing of Quality Boats. Utilizing a laminate cure that allows for faster production rates without loss of surface profile with complete fiber wet out providing a good resistance to osmotic blistering. We compliment this application with a unique composition that produces a tough and versatile resin with excellent crack and craze resistance.

Motorized cats SeattleMotorized Cats Hawaii

Our Finish

Motorized Catamarans HawaiiTrailerable Cats Dura-cote gel coats are among the most vibrant and durable gel coats available in the market place. They use high grade raw materials to provide resistance against ultra-violet and water degradation while maintaining a Gel-Coat.



Coosa composites high density polyurethane foam reinforced with layers of fiberglass are used for our Transoms for Strong Rot Free durability and Longevity.