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Our Tern Boat ownership is about as diverse as it gets. For pleasure everyone wants a boat they can depend on. For business, Tern boat owners need to depend on results to sustain their on-water businesses. Our Tern Boat owners are so excited about their Tern Boat experiences they did not hesitate to share their experiences and excitement with us.

  • Quality hand-built products - Scott Carvill, Hawaii

    I knew I was buying this boat as soon as I went for a test ride in rough water. I have owned several power cats and test drove most all of them. This ride is by far the best at both fast and slow speeds. Now that I have had the boat for over a year and have logged close to 5,000 miles - I understand, what it takes to make a quality hand-built product like Tern Boats. "
  • My Tern 23 - Frank Baensch, Hawaii

    My Tern 23’ has dive door and a huge, self-bailing deck. I also have a custom dive ladder, a lockable cabin with queen size berth and tons of storage underneath. Everything is designed with quality and practicality in mind. "
  • Best Riding Boat - Mervin Dudoit, Molokai, Hawaii

    I travel up wind on my boat quite often and can tell you this is the best riding boat for its size when going into swells. Also, it has good fuel efficiency and the design makes it easy to maneuver in shallow water. "
  • Amazing experience - Steve Cole, Kauai, Hawaii

    The ride on this boat is amazing. I ran Commercial Catamaran Tours down the Napali Coast for over 20 years and this boat rides as well as the 30’ Powercats we used for our Tours. What is different about it from all other cats is that it almost never pounds at trolling speeds even in big seas. It is also very stable in a following or quartering sea. When I first rode this boat, I was blown away how dry this boat was when we ran in 20-25 knot winds with 6-10’ Seas. Overall, these boats ride better than anything else I have ever ridden that is even close to their size. "
  • Benefits of the optional Dive door - Frank Baensch

    At rest the hull of my Tern 23 sits stable and drifts sideways so you can face your dive door downwind. The dive door makes climbing into or loading the boat, landing a fish… really easy. I couldn’t live without it. But the best thing about this boat is that I don’t have to pay much attention to the weather anymore. "
  • On water with family - Scott Carvill, Hawaii

    I live on Oahu and do most of my boating in the open ocean with trade winds. I have completed numerous interisland trips with my 3 young kids and wife. I know I would not have done some of those trips with my family on any other boat. My Tern 23 foot boat surpasses much larger boats in ride, comfort and space. The downside is that I have a hard time going out on my friend’s boats because I am spoiled by my boats ride. "