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Our Tern Boat ownership is about as diverse as it gets. For pleasure everyone wants a boat they can depend on. For business, Tern boat owners need to depend on results to sustain their on-water businesses. Our Tern Boat owners are so excited about their Tern Boat experiences they did not hesitate to share their experiences and excitement with us.

  • Diving and Fishing - Frank Baensch, Hawaii

    Mixing trade wind swell, ground swell and currents can be very uncomfortable on a small boat, especially in the channels. The Tern 23 absolutely shines in these seas. I now regularly take my boat offshore in less than ideal weather because the ride is still comfortable and dry. The boat can go 20 mph in rougher seas and when the weather turns for the worse we still have a safe ride home that’s easy on the back. This is the best boat I’ve ever ridden, much less owned. "
  • Amazing experience - Steve Cole, Kauai, Hawaii

    The ride on this boat is amazing. What is different about it from all other cats is that it never pounds at trolling speeds even in big seas. It is also very stable in a following or quartering sea. Overall, these boats ride as good or better as most any other cat on the water. "